Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation

In most cases, non-surgical treatment options are the solution to ending your pain and bringing you back to a full and healthy life. Dr. Herman will guide you through your best options for treatment, and if surgery or another form of care may be needed, he will refer you to the appropriate provider.

Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation

This is the future of rehabilitation. We offer an innovative exercise approach to speed up your recovery. The use of personalized blood flow restriction (PBFR) allows us to offer an alternative way to strengthen weak muscles without the normal stress to your joints.

How Does PBFR Work?

PBFR is performed with a medical grade, FDA-approved tourniquet that is placed on the upper arm or upper thigh. We use the Personalized Tourniquet System (PTS) manufactured by Delfi Medical Innovations, Inc., a world leader in tourniquet technology and safety. This computerized tourniquet establishes the minimum amount of pressure, Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP), it takes to restrict blood flow. LOP is regulated and monitored continuously for patient comfort and safety. The cuff accounts for different variables such as your systolic blood pressure, cuff design, cuff width and application, limb size and shape, and tissue at the cuff site. All of these features ensure that your pressure stays consistent and safe. Once your individual LOP is established, the actual treatment can begin. Treatment consists of performing rehabilitative exercises while restricting blood flow to the working limb. Your Personalized Tourniquet Pressure (PTP) is established by restricting 80% of blood flow to the leg or 50% of blood flow to the arm. You will be monitored throughout your appointment.

By restricting blood flow to a limb, the muscles aren’t required to work as hard in order to strengthen and hypertrophy. Using PBFR, patients who used to be limited by the body’s natural healing process can now start strengthening earlier, and as a result, get back on the field or back in life faster.