Marc Pro Plus

In most cases, non-surgical treatment options are the solution to ending your pain and bringing you back to a full and healthy life. Dr. Herman will guide you through your best options for treatment, and if surgery or another form of care may be needed, he will refer you to the appropriate provider.

Marc Pro Plus

Marc Pro is a cutting-edge electronic muscle stimulation device that helps muscles recover faster and reduces pain, allowing professional and everyday athletes to perform and feel their best. Marc Pro utilizes patented technology that takes active recovery to the next level with non-fatiguing muscle activation, flushing out waste and delivering nourishment to any target area with ease. This is the foundation of recovery, conditioning, and feeling your best. We utilize the Marc Pro Plus model in our office.

Why Recovery Matters

Whether you’re a professional athlete or just staying in shape, you might be doing more than body can handle. You may or may not actually feel sore, but you’re likely starting each day with a recovery deficit. When you’re not fresh, you don’t feel like yourself, your performance suffers, and you increase the chance of injury.

It’s also important to realize that during strenuous exercise or activity, muscles are breaking down, not getting stronger. It’s during the recovery phase that muscle builds and strength gains occur. If you’re training more than a few days a week, you’re likely not fully recovering, and therefore not getting the most out of each workout.