In most cases, non-surgical treatment options are the solution to ending your pain and bringing you back to a full and healthy life. Dr. Herman will guide you through your best options for treatment, and if surgery or another form of care may be needed, he will refer you to the appropriate provider.


For many of you, you have tried popular diets, perhaps with some success. But all too often, the weight is regained and your body image and self-esteem take a hit.

Weight loss is about a change in how you approach life−for the rest of your life. That’s right, for the remaining days on planet earth, you must approach life differently. Weight loss is about discipline, diligence, tenacity, sacrifice, durability, and a long-term approach. Weight loss can often be achieved with short-term modifications in one’s diet and exercise routine, but maintaining that weight loss takes an educated approach.

At this office, you will not get a concoction of pills or a 1-2-3 approach to losing weight. Instead, Dr. Herman will learn about your life−the way you view food, how you determine what to put on your plate at dinner, what foods you view as healthy and non-healthy, how you approach a grocery store, timing of meals, your approach to physical activity, and the list goes on. Dr. Herman has learned that when we better understand why we make decisions, we are better equipped to meet life’s challenges.

With you playing an active role all along the way, together we will discover new ways to eat, new ways to become physically active, new ways to combat a negative self-image, and simply, new ways to approach life. Along with your goals, Dr. Herman’s goal for you is to not only lose weight and then maintain that weight loss, his goal for you is to explore a whole new chapter of your life that may not be possible at your current weight. He wants you to thrive, not simply survive.